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Just for a project, I decided to try writing a rap song. 


It’s not my brain it’s just chemical warfare /

it’s pouring acid rain running til it’s all clear /

step on the speeding train that never stops whenever you’re here

and fear/

growing crystal see through / it’s enough for me to / hold onto the need to / want to make nice / want to hold tight / want to stay another night /

alright /

run silver rings around the lifeline / cut close to the core / and underscore my byline / edge so fine/

she said / more /

I’m well –read / I know the answer to the choose-your-own-ending / it’s blending / and sending a letter that I’ll never write / pick a path and fight / it’s a game and everyone’s dead

wrong / Never forget /

these decisions that you make / violate / can’t escape / the real estate / why should I give you more / you threw it in my face before / lost before, now I’m sure /

time’s run out

this sun has gone down / I will not choose to drown / this is not a give way sign / this is not a rail way line / this is not a white lie / I’ll say

I’m fine /


About writehandedgirl

Sarah is a writer who is passionate about social justice, feminism, politics, and cats. She is a columnist and poet and currently lives in Nelson. You can follow Sarah on Twitter (@_writehanded_) or read more of her writing at


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