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Booky Christmas

Yay! Talk about a booky Christmas. I got loads of books and book vouchers. Ah, my friends know me well.<3


The Inheritance of Loss, Kiran Desai. To be honest, much of the politics in this went over my head, as I’m not familiar with Indian/Nepalese history. Most of it’s really sad, a discussion of the abject poverty in India and the ever-widening gap between the very rich and the very poor. I’m embarassed to admit, the thing that got me most was the love story between the girl Sai and her tutor Gyan. I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s the same story the world over, regardless of age or wealth or race. Women love men and men fuck it up.

Scat, Carl Hiaasen. I’ve wanted to read this for ages, I love Carl Hiaasen’s eco-terrorism. I got it with Christmas vouchers. I didn’t know when I picked it up that it’s actually young adult, but I loved it. The plot is typically complex and the characters completely mad.

The Devious Book for Cats, written by Fluffy and Bonkers. Exactly as it sounds.Written “by cats for cats”. Hilarious.


The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde.

Start Where You Are, Pema Chodron.


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